A new innovative approach to gardening if you have limited space, and time.

Here at Ariki Tanutanu offer you a garden kitset that is simple, fun and affordable, can be set up anywhere

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Judith Clarke

Judith an Australian National and cancer survivor wanting a garden pack to reignite her love for growing when she was younger. What an inspiration to us all.

Deliah Hudson

Deliah another one of my Ka Hao I Te Ao sisters very passionate, excited for her business and she also has wanted to grow and have her own garden. She loved the experience and I have learnt so much from her journey and testimony.

Zimena Didovich

My dearest friend Zimena, loves natuer, loves gardening, vegan and studying to be a Marine Biologist

Dana Harriss

Met another great vaine toa in my Legacy cell group. Amazingly smart, well versed and loves gardening. A visionary with great leadership aspirations and loving mother.

Taga Lose CEO of Pivot Your Money Programme

Check out what she had to say!!

A huge
shout out to Augustine,

When I was
looking for help at the beginning of August 2021, I was referred to you by a
mutual friend as someone I could trust after having a not so good experience
with another coach. Since that time we've connected several times online and on
the phone. I'm so grateful for your help, your perspective, your knowledge and
your passion to grow. Through your deep integrity, ethics and your moral
compass to uplift others to achieve their goals I am truly grateful for your
help and support. Thank you for all you are and all you do, and all you aspire
to create in this world.

We need
more strong, women like you. Taga xxx

Benefits of Growing in your backyard!

With our garden pack systems it can fit amongst other growing systems that you have, or into small spaces that fill in the gaps. This is so compact, fun, easy and quick to assemble and you will have your own garden growing in no time.


    Your personal garden assistant, mentor or support person. Worth $2,500 nzd - FREE


    All our resources are supplied by reputable suppliers and hand pick by yours truly. Everything from soil to seedlings - Customized shopper worth $900 - FREE


    Members only gardening newsletter with hints, tips and ideas to encourage repurposing and recycling. Competitions and Giveaways coming in 2022. Worth $500 - FREE


    YouTube, Facebook livey's, Instagram engagement & Live Q&A's anything to do with growing and gardening. Worth $1,500 - FREE


    Door to door, contactless and personalised delivery within the Auckland borders worth $100 - FREE


    10% discount on your second and subsequent purchases as you are now our Ariki Tanutanu VIP member. Special code applies at checkout.

You Reap What You Sow

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